Spore Creature Editor

Spore Creature Editor

Bring your own creatures to life


  • Create highly customizable creatures
  • Try them out in the testing area
  • Share your creatures with other Spore users


  • It's only the editor, leaves you longing for more


After establishing a turning point in the history of videogames with The Sims, Maxis is back to present Will Wright's new project: Spore.

Spore has been under development for several years now, and it's supposedly hitting shelves next September 7th.

This never-ending wait has created an enormous hype around Spore that we can now luckily soothe down a bit with the Spore Creature Editor.

First of all, bear in mind that this is by no means the complete game; it's just the editor part, where you create the characters that will later take part in the story.

That said, and despite being only an editor, this demo is surprisingly fun.

Spore Creature Editor lets you create just about any living being you can think of, no matter what size, shape or color it is.

You can customize every single detail: body, arms, legs, eyes, horns, anything! Of course, this demo doesn't include all the elements available in the complete game but still, you get the idea.

After creating and coloring your creature, you can try it in the Test Drive mode: make it walk, see how it dances to different music styles, try different feelings to see how it looks when it's angry, happy or scared.

You can even generate a baby-sized version of your creature to check how your descendants will look like.

The Spore Creature Editor enables you to save all the creatures you create and also share them with the Spore user community in the Sporepedia, though you'll need to register for free in order to use this feature.

The Spore Creature Editor is just that: an editor to create your characters in the Spore game. However it's really fun you use and lets you discover the potential of this game.

How do you feel about tentacles? Why only two eyes? Bring your imagination to life like never before - create your unique Spore creatures then share them with the world!

Spore Creature Editor


Spore Creature Editor

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